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Use your Digital Twin to produce high-end podcasts, presentations, 
courses and virtual events with a click of a button and bring your creative visions to life automagically, with the power of Generative AI

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The world's leading companies trust the world's leading Generative AI platform

Create your 
Digital Twin

In just 60 seconds, Genything transforms you into your digital counterpart - a strikingly accurate synthesis of your voice and appearance, ready to be woven into endless creations.

An entire GenAI studio at your fingertips

  • Create your “digital twin” in 60 seconds
  • Generate unlimited conversational content
  • Boost engagement with synthetic avatars, immersive venues and multimodal outputs like podcasts, presentations and virtual events that take minutes to produce

Endless possibilities

Bring your creative visions to life automagically, with the power of Generative AI transforming every idea into conversational content that continues evolving

Generative podcasts.
No studio required

Simply write a prompt, upload a document, or link to a URL, and instantly create captivating, lifelike podcasts, from single hosts to multi-guest scenarios, expanding your reach and revolutionizing audience engagement.

Produce an entire event in one click

Choose from dozens of photo-realistic, immersive 3D environments to host multi-speaker events that explore every facet of your topic, transforming the way you connect, educate, and engage with your audience worldwide.

From concept to course in sixty seconds

Radically redefine learning with courses that include automated assessments, ready to integrate into your LMS 
as SCORM files, transforming education and training with every module delivered.

In this writer's studio, you're never alone

Overcome any creative block with over 100 formats tailored for marketing, sales, support, HR, and more, making 
it easier than ever to craft perfect documents for any department, rewriting the writing experience across the board.

How it works

Unleash the Super Power of Generative AI with Genything

The perfect avatar for every use case

Use your digital twin or choose from our amazing cast of characters

Learning & Development

Craft engaging and personalized learning modules that adapt to individual needs and preferences. With Genything, you can effortlessly produce podcasts, presentations, and virtual events, ensuring content delivery is optimized for maximum effectiveness.


Elevate your marketing campaigns with content that captivates and engages your target audience, driving conversions. Utilize Genything to seamlessly generate videos, webinars, and podcasts, highlighting your product or service's unique selling points in the most appealing way.


Transform your sales strategy with compelling pitches that capture leads and seal the deal. Genything enables you to create dynamic demos, testimonials, and case studies, showcasing the unparalleled value and benefits of your offerings. Engage leads and clients with negotiations and follow-ups through your digital twin or our diverse range of avatars, building lasting relationships.

Internal Communications

Enhance your company's communication flow with efficient and effective internal channels. With Genything, generate podcasts and presentations that keep employees informed and connected. Deliver key messages and announcements through your digital twin or select from our array of avatars, cultivating a positive organizational culture.


Define your Vision

Genything can create articles, podcasts, presentations, webinars, courses and even entire virtual events.


Add Your Content

Give Genything inputs to start with. You can use keywords, concepts, documents, or a website URL.


Choose Your Stage & Speakers

Use your digital twin or select from an extensive array of synthetic avatars. Choose from a collection of impressive, iconic venues, rooms and backgrounds.


Personalize to Perfection

Edit your content with Genything’s easy interface. Manually control the script, the visuals and the tone, or let the AI do it for you.


Share and Engage

Share your content with the world and see the magic happen. Export as audio, video or SCORM file with automated assessment built-in.

Power the Revolution

When you use Genything, you’re part of a global community powering the world’s largest AI supercomputer.

Edge AI at Your Fingertips

Genything brings advanced AI technologies right to your device, empowering you with creative tools previously unimaginable:

  • Smart Content Creation: A state-of-the-art Large Language Model (LLM) that crafts compelling content, from blog posts to presentation scripts.
  • Dynamic Video Creation: A Generative Video Engine (GVE) for creating dynamic, AI-generated videos, presentations, and virtual events.
  • Personalized Audio: A sophisticated text-to-speech engine with voice cloning to produce personalized audio content effortlessly.
  • Stunning Visuals: An Image Generator that transforms your ideas into visually stunning graphics.

Your AI, Your Way

Genything is designed to make advanced AI accessible to everyone. We’ve partnered with the world’s leading AI companies to integrate Genything seamlessly into your workflow. Simply use your existing keys from Azure OpenAI, OpenAI, Eleven Labs to turbocharge your creative outputs.